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Since 2013 inspeyer has helped companies and institutions shapeing their future through better ways of working. We concentrate on three central fields: Leadership, Cooperation and Change.

Our programmes aim to bring movement in old routines and stimulate real change. We don’t use standard answers but co-create an individual solution. We want to create impact and inspiration, open new perspectives, share knowledge and let new ideas take shape. We want to experience change with you, because we believe that real change happens not on paper but in our mind-set.

To understand how we work, imagine a journey.

Like any journey we start with a goal. In our first exchange we jointly set the goal and a rough route. In our next, more detailed conversation we re-examine the current situation, address any doubts or barriers, and further clarify the goal. Then we create an offer and a concrete plan.


Leadership coaching

  • Executive and top executive coaching
  • Middle management and new leader coaching
  • Leadership transitions (new organisation, role, level, culture, re-organisation)
  • Career coaching
  • Stakeholder interviews and leadership feedback
  • Psychometrics with feedback and recommendations
  • Face to face, telephone, video

We coach leaders at all levels. Top executives to those starting on their path of leadership. Your coach joins you on a journey. Together we analyse your situation and set clear personal goals. Where appropriate we use psychometrics and stakeholder interviews. We support, challenge and agree on actions between the coaching meetings. We evaluate progress mid-term and at the close. Our work can be face to face and by video or audio call

All of this with the basis of our experience. We bring a deep understanding of the pains and pleasures of leading, knowledge of intercultural competence, strategy, power dynamics and personality differences.

We work face to face, as well as by video and audio call. We bring a deep understanding of the pains and pleasures of leading, knowledge of intercultural competence, strategy, power dynamics and personality difference.

Leadership Development

  • Effective leadership communication
  • Agile and ambidextrous leadership
  • Supportive leadership
  • Project management
  • Leading through complexity, conflict, uncertainty and change
  • Leading culture change
  • The leader as a coach and inspirer to their team
  • Leading internationally, from a distance and interculturally
  • Leading yourself: stress resilience, emotional intelligence, calmness in dynamic, mindfulness, going beyond fears and blocks.

Together with you we co-create leadership development programmes that are inspiring and pragmatic. They will prepare your leaders with the skills and mind set to lead the many changes the future will bring. We analyse your business model, your organisational culture and the upcoming changes your leaders are facing and will be creating.

In a dynamic global world of work we all need to learn a life long. Equally we need to unlearn habits that no longer fit the new position, culture, market dynamics and followership expectations we will meet. Self-awareness, emotional intelligence, management agility, delegation skills, the ability to inspire, clear communication, dealing with complexity and facing conflict are some of the many skills we practice and develop in our experiential leadership development programmes.


Team coaching

  • Coaching (senior) management teams
  • Coaching contributor teams
  • Working with trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results
  • Building energy and clarity
  • Teaming: the art of creating teamwork fast
  • Collaborating across distance and difference
  • Coaching project teams in the matrix
  • Individual interviews with collective analysis, feedback and recommendations

A good team achieves better results. It needs trust, respect, open communication and shared goals. We take the time to achieve clarity, build trust, set goals and make collaboration the norm. A team that pulls in one direction, shares values, and communicates openly as equals enjoys better results, more motivation and satisfaction for all involved.

Large group facilitation

  • Open space, world café, structured self-organisation
  • Project kick-offs
  • Impulse talks with participation

Shared experiences form the dynamics of large groups. We help you, for example, to plan and deliver an inspiring kick-off to give energy to a major project. We can coach the core team in their working together and in their skills of keeping everyone involved.

Perhaps a division has suffered under rationalisation and reorganisation and the lack of trust and motivation is reflected in surveys and results. We shape with the leadership team open space interventions to help people move on from what was, towards what together can be.

Cross team collaboration

  • Getting past organisational, cultural, historical and mind-set boundaries
  • Post-merger and acquisition: establishing trust, alignment, common understanding

Often a larger goal needs the close cooperation of two or more teams. Our programmes help solve the conflicts and align the goals. We develop together common priorities, values processes and a culture of open communication. We use interviews to understand the differing perspectives. Then we use workshops to span the barriers to cooperation.

Personality workshops

  • Understanding and utilising differences in thinking, feeling and doing
  • Insights, DISC, Hogan, MBTI, Firo-B and other tools

Using the Insights Discovery tool, each team member learns to recognise their own preferences and tendencies. A deeper understanding of one’s own personality, and a stable self-confidence support a good working relationship with other team members, stakeholders and customers.

Conflict facilitation

  • Recognising and dealing with conflicts

Wherever people work together conflict is inevitable. When these conflicts are no longer productive but interfere with the work to be done, they negatively affect the motivation and productivity of the entire team. We design interventions with you to solve conflicts productively and constructively.


  • Serious fun for team spirit and alignment

We support you in building and maintaining a strong team. There may be different professions, nationalities, languages, cultures in a team. We know the value of investing early to move towards a high performing team rather than waiting for the problems to grow. Together we form interventions to accelerate trust and clarity of purpose.


Setting direction

  • Facilitating innovation
  • Strategy development workshops
  • Applying Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Design
  • Clarifying purpose, vision, values
  • Large group future orientation workshops
  • Co-creating inspiring and purposeful messages and actions for change

Today we are called on to be ambidextrous leaders, sustaining what works and innovating the new. We design and deliver with you formats to foster innovation, set direction, and communicate the journey and the goal.

Change management

  • Workshops to apply change to own team
  • Understanding the emotions around change
  • Moving past immunity to change
  • Valuing tradition as well as the new
  • Self-organisation in change
  • Linking changed structures and processes to changed behaviour and mind-set

Change is the new, exciting and heroic. We prove our value as leaders because we drive change. At the same time, we encounter fear of change, doubt if change is necessary, and the anxiety of loss of security. Change is practical and very emotional.

We work with you to take the human side into account in what we change, how we change it, and how we communicate purpose and process of a change. We look for formats that create involvement and participation in moving together towards goals. The energy and resources needed for change, the sustainability of change and the results all depend on the spirit and the how of change.


  • Designing and delivering workshops to realign and build spirit and clarity

New structures need new routines. We work with you to find a spirit of fresh start and new energy.

Organisational transformation

  • Facilitating holistic process to transform organisations on the levels of culture, structure, process and leadership
  • Driven by digitalisation, generational change, business model change.

Business models, technology, social expectations, leadership are all in flux. We work with you to find your path to see a future, to inspire, to implement.

We believe that the greatest effectiveness and satisfaction at work is to be found when your role is truly aligned with your personality and values.

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